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Sussex IT Support

IT Support for Schools

Ultima has been providing IT support services in Sussex since 2000.

We believe in providing a complete IT support service that not only encompasses IT support but also covers cabling, telephone systems, CCTV, Access Control as well as IT hardware, software and advice on emerging technologies.

Our IT Support is aimed at organisations, business and schools with Sussex, were our specialist IT knowledge can either add to your existing IT administration or can be your own IT department for those that do not have or want to manage the IT support in house.

Our IT support ranges from Ad-hoc support for those who have a IT team dealing with the day to day support issues within the organisation, to those who require a complete package that covers the IT support on a monthly basis. Our knowledge and expertise means fast fixes to IT support problems that staff managing only a limited number of PC may not have even consider or come across, paying for our IT support team to fix the issue, rather using a regular member of staff which may take hours or days out of their other duties.

Our IT Support team covering Sussex can help your investment in your IT work for you rather than get in the way of your business. We can advise you in plain language of any pros and cons regarding the set-up and implementation of network design, hardware, software and how this will link into other aspects of you organisation.

As a business focused company, we appreciate that time is money and take a pro-active approach with our customer who have a IT support contract with us, we believe that by dealing with problems before that become an issue, we will minimise the work load for us and provide your organisation with a better experience of your own IT network and our IT Support.

Talk to us today if your school would like to investigate what Ultima has to offer you.

IT Support for Schools

IT Support for Schools

Ultima have been providing Schools with a complete range of IT support services since 2000.

We belive that we should understand how schools work but more importantly how IT should work within the school enviroment.

Our IT Support for schools, ranges from Ad-hoc support for those schools which have a IT team dealing with the day to day support issues within the school, to those schools which require a regular visit so that the may benefit from keeping on top of any issues or to changes that can be of benifit to staff and pupils.

Our IT Support for Schools is not just about hardware or software but the way that all of the components integrate together, from the cabling and Wi-Fi, the switches and projectors which produce a seamless productive learning enviroment to deliver the spark which helps children to learn.

We porvide our Schools IT support throughout Kent and East Sussex from our base in Wadhurst near Tunbridge Wells. Our enginers live in both counties, and are able to work with your school to enhance the interaction with your Information Technology.

We not only have experience of computer hardware, but coming from a business to business focused company, we are also use to dealing with strcutured cabling and telephony, network switches and firewalls, large numbers of PCs on a network and servers, with all of this being under one roof. We are also extremely capable of explaining in plain english the pros and cons of any given solution used in a school environment, this has won over the schools, which we provide IT support to.

Talk to us today if your school would like to investiagte what Ultima has to offer you.

Business IT Support

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Over the past few years, small businesses and organisations have moved away from stand-alone PCs to networked environments. This has been driven by the demand for shared applications, centralised file storage, email, shared Internet access, and remote working.

At the same time there has been a move away from peer-to-peer networks to client/server networking. The increased complexity and the need to protect this investment have placed greater technical demands on those people given the responsibility of administering their company's IT infrastructure.

Many organisations have realised the advantages of outsourcing their IT requirements to a specialist technology provider. Their employees are freed to concentrate on their main roles rather than having to keep up with the latest developments in the computing world.

Based near Tunbridge Wells, on the Kent and East Sussex border, we act as a virtual IT department to a wide variety of companies and organisations across the South East. We are highly experienced in computer hardware and software and have a keen appreciation of the problems and risks that companies and users face everyday. Our team of experienced and highly skilled individuals are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We offer a range of support packages that are tailored to our customers' needs and budgets.

If you would like any further information or advice on Kent IT support, please contact us on 01892 785000 or fill in the callback form below and a member of the team will call you back at your specified time.

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