Zebra TLP2824 Plus Desktop Printers

Two-inch (56mm) on-demand thermal printers for labels, receipts, tags and wristbands

Image of a Zebra TLP2824 Plus Desktop Printer
Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer Models and Prices Zebra TLP2824 Plus Specification

Leading the way in versatile and affordable desktop printing

These space-saving, user-friendly printers bring new levels of performance to the Zebra Desktop family. The combined direct-thermal/thermal-transfer TLP2824 Plus are perfect for patient identification, pharmacy labelling, retail product and shelf labelling or any other application where precise narrow output is required.


Superior performance at a small price

These elegant little printers from Zebra bring fast, professional labelling to your desk, small office, laboratory or anywhere you need to print small numbers of bar-code labels, receipts and tags. They are robust with a double-walled ABS casing and offer many “big printer” features at an extremely affordable price.

However, they are designed for ease of use, so even complete beginners will find them easy to set up and operate.

  • Label handling options include:
  • Label dispenser with label present sensor
  • Cutter
  • Serial, USB or parallel configurations
  • Ethernet network connection via a factory-installed internal ZebraNet® Print Server option
  • Co-resident command language
  • Unicode™
  • ZBI 2.0™


Image of Zebra LP2824 Plus and TLP2824 Plus Printers, pricing and barcode examples Image of a Zebra TLP2824_Plus Printer Image of a Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer with barcode example


Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer Models
Model Number Description Price*
282P-101120-000 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with RS232 Serial, USB (UK/EU) £224.50
282P-101220-000 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with Parallel (UK/EU) £224.50
282P-101520-000 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with Ethernet (10/100), USB (UK/EU) £296.50
282P-101221-040 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with Parallel,  Dispenser, Full Flash (68MB), Full SDRAM (8MB), Real Time Clock (RTC) (UK/EU) £241.00
282P-101121-040 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with RS232 Serial, USB, Dispenser, Full Flash (68MB), Full SDRAM (8MB), Real Time Clock (RTC) (UK/EU) £238.00
282P-101521-040 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with Ethernet (10/100), USB, Dispenser, Full Flash (68MB), Full SDRAM (8MB), Real Time Clock (RTC) (UK/EU) £313.50
282P-101222-040 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with Parallel, Cutter, Full Flash (68MB), Full SDRAM (8MB), Real Time Clock (RTC) (UK/EU) £318.75
282P-101122-040 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with RS232 Serial, USB, Cutter, Full Flash (68MB), Full SDRAM (8MB), Real Time Clock (RTC) (UK/EU) £315.00
282P-101522-040 Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer TT/DT with Ethernet (10/100), USB, Cutter, Full Flash (68MB), Full SDRAM (8MB), Real Time Clock (RTC) (UK/EU) £386.00


*Please note all prices shown are exclusive of VAT

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Zebra 2824 Plus Printer Accessories
Part Number Description Price*
105829-001 Media Adapter Guide 2'' (LP2824 Plus only) £52.50
120181-005G Keyboard Display Unit £119.00
120182G-001 KDU Plus (Keyboard Display Unit) £154.00
P1031031 External ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server v2 (Requires parallel port) £139.00
105850-006 USB Interface Cable 6’ (A to B) £9.00
G105850-003 Serial Interface Cable - 6' (DB-9 to DB-9) £9.00
G105950-054 Serial Interface Cable 6' (DB-9 to DB-9) Null Modem £13.00
105850-001 Parallel Interface Cable - 6 £10.50
105950-035 Print Head Cleaning Pens x 12 £30.00


Zebra 2824 Plus Printer Software
Part Number Description Price*
13831-002 ZebraDesignerTM Pro v2 £165.00
48766-001 ZBI 2.0 Enablement Kit (1 printer) £66.00


Zebra 2824 Plus Printer Aftermarket
Part Number Description Price*
G105910-102 Print Head Assembly, Direct Thermal 203 dpi £64.00
G105910-148 Print Head Assembly, Thermal Transfer 203 dpi £64.00


Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer Ribbon
Part Number Width Length Description Price*
800132-002 56.9mm 74M 2300 Wax Box of 12 Rolls £23.00
800132-102 56.9mm 74M 3200 Wax/Resin Box of 12 Rolls £26.88
800132-202 56.9mm 74M 5095 Resin Box of 12 Rolls £41.40


*Please note that all prices shown are exclusive of VAT


Zebra TLP2824 Plus Printer Full Specification
Standard Features Print method: Thermal transfer (TLP)
  Programming language: EPL™ and ZPL® are standard
  Construction: Dual-wall frame, reinforced plastic
  OpenACCESS™ for easy media loading
  Quick and easy ribbon loading
  Auto calibration
  32-bit RISC processor
  Reset button defaults to factory and/or network settings
  Unicode™ compliant
  Head up sensor
  Certified Microsoft® Windows® drivers
  Standard tear-off mode
  Serial port auto detection
Printer specifications Print speed: Maximum 4”/102 mm per second
  Print width: 2.2”/56 mm
  Print length: Maximum 39.0”/990 mm
  Resolution: 203 dpi/8 dots per mm
  4 MB Flash, 8 MB SDRAM (standard)
  64 MB Flash with real-time clock for a total of 68 MB (option)
  Media sensors: Standard: Fixed reflective and transmissive sensors
Media characteristics Media length: 0.38"/9.7 mm to 39"/990 mm
  Media width: 1.00"/25.4 mm to 2.36"/60 mm
  Media width w/ 2" Media Guide: 0.585"/15 mm to 1.44"/36.6 mm
  Maximum media roll size: 5"/127 mm O.D. on a 1.00"/25.4 mm, 1.5"/38 mm I.D. core
  Media thickness: 0.003"/0.08 mm to 0.007"/0.18 mm
  Media types: Roll-fed or fan-fed, die cut or continuous direct thermal labels with or without black mark, tag stock, continuous receipt paper, wristbands, and optional liner-free direct thermal media
Ribbon characteristics (TLP only) Outside diameter: 1.36"/35 mm
  Standard length: 244'/74 m
  Ratio: 1:1 media to roll to ribbon
  Width: 1.33"/33.8 mm to 2.4"/58 mm
  Core (I.D.): 1.00"/25.4 mm, 1.5"/38 mm
Operating characteristics Environmental
  Operating Temp: 40° F/5° C to 105° F/41° C
  Storage Temp: -40° F/-40° C to 140° F/60° C
  Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing R.H.
  Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing R.H.
  Auto-detectable (PFC Compliant) 100-240VAV, 50-60Hz
  Agency approvals
  Emissions: FCC Part 15, Subpart B, VCCI, C-Tick
  Emissions and Susceptibility: (CE): EN55022 Class-B, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 and EN55024
  Safety: CB Scheme IEC 60950:1991 +A1 +A2 +A3 +A3 +A4, UL 60950 and C-UL, IRAM NOM, AAMI
Physical characteristics Thermal Transfer (TLP)
  Width: 5.3”/135 mm
  Height: 7.0”/178 mm
  Depth: 9.5”/241 mm
  Weight: 3.5 lbs/1.6 kg
ZebraLink™ Solutions Software
  Zebra Setup Utilities—Windows utility drivers to set up and configure your Zebra printer
  ZebraDesigner™ Pro—An intuitive, easy-to-use software program for creating complex label designs (option)
  ZebraDesigner—Offers basic features for simple label design
  ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprise—Centrally manage Zebra printers from a single PC screen anywhere on your global network
  ZebraNet Utilities v7.0—provides enhanced printing, conversion and administration capabilities; message management; and more
  Zebra Universal Driver—The most powerful driver available from Zebra
  Web View—Connect and control Zebra bar code printers via the printer’s Web interface using a common Web browser using ZPL II
  Alert—Printers equipped with ZebraNet print servers will notify you via any email-enabled, wired, or wireless device to minimize downtime
  ZBI 2.0—Powerful programming language that lets printers run stand-alone applications, connect to peripherals, and much more (option)
  ZBI-Developer—Programming utility makes it dramatically easier for programmers to create and test complex ZBI 2.0 programs and distribute them to the printer (standard with ZBI 2.0)
  ZPL II®—Zebra Programming Language provides sophisticated label formatting and printer control and is compatible with tabletop and mobile Zebra printers
  EPL2™—Eltron Programming Language with Line Mode simplifies label formatting and enables format compatibility with legacy applications
  EPL—Line Mode support (LP 2824 Plus) enables format compatibility with legacy applications
Communication and interface capabilities Centronics® parallel (36 pin) connector ports
  RS-232 Serial with USB V1.1 interface
  10/100 internal Ethernet with USB V1.1 (option)
Bar code symbologies ZPL bar code symbologies
  Bar Code Ratios: 2:1 (non-rotated) and 3:1
  Linear bar codes: Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, UPC-A and UPC-E with EAN 2 or 5 digit extensions, Plessey, POSTNET, Standard 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, LOGMARS, MSI, Codabar, and GS1 DataBar (formerly RSS)
   2-Dimensional: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Code 49, Maxicode, Codablock, Data Matrix, QR code, Aztec
  EPL bar code symbologies
  Linear bar codes: Code 39, Code 128A, B & C (User selectable/Auto), UCC/EAN-128, Code 93, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-A with 2 and 5 add on, UPC-E with 2 and 5 add on, EAN 13, EAN 8, EAN 13 with 2 and 5 add on, EAN 8 with 2 and 5 add on, Postnet (5, 9, 11, & 13 digit) Japanese Postnet, Plessey (MSI-1), MSI-3, German Post Code, and GS1 DataBar (formerly RSS)
  2-Dimensional: Maxicode (modes 2,3,4,6), PDF417, MacroPDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix, and Aztec
Fonts/graphics 16 resident expandable ZPL fonts
  One resident scaleable ZPL font
  5 resident expandable EPL2 fonts
  Supports user-defined fonts and graphics—including custom logos
Options and accessories Dispenser—label peel and present with label taken sensor
  Cutter for use on the following media types with maximum thickness of 0.0007"/0.18 mm and minimum label length of 1.0"/25.4 mm:
   • Continuous paper—Most receipt or fax paper is generally acceptable
   • Label liner—Cuts on the liner only. Cutter should not be used to cut through labels as adhesives may cause jams
  • Tag stock—Tag stock is generally acceptable as long as it is no more than 0.07"/0.18 mm thickness
  10/100 internal Ethernet
  64 MB Flash memory with real-time clock
  Media Adaptor Guide (LP only)—Supports wristband media
  Font Packs—Asian and other international font kits
  Liner-free Platen (LP only)—For use with liner-free media
  KDU and KDU Plus—Keyboard display units for stand-alone printing applications
  ZBI 2.0 and ZBI-Developer—field installed

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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