Panasonic Projector PT-D7700E-K

4000:1 Contrast Ratio

Panasonic PT-DW7000 projector

Experience the Difference - Vivid Colours and Richer Blacks

To Only a projector that offers superior brightness and contrast can give you vivid, faithful reproduction of images that have both light and dark areas, such as a starship in outer space or a face partly cloaked in shadow. A projector like Panasonic’s PT-DW7000E series.

The PT-DW7000E series combines outstanding 6,000-lumen brightness with 4,000:1 contrast*. Also featuring Texas Instruments DLP™ technology and unique 16:9 wide-aspect panels (1,366 x 768), this 3-chip DLP™ projector truly excels in the projection of various sources.

The PT-DW7000E series also adds features such as Dynamic Iris, which improves contrast by matching the lamp output to the input signal. The liquid-cooled optical engine boosts both reliability and durability while greatly reducing operating noise.

The PT-DW7000E series is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from boardrooms, conference rooms, and post-production to broadcasting.

* With the Dynamic Iris set to 3

PT-D7700 Projector Models
Model Number Description Price*
PT-D7700EK PT-D7700EK 7000 ANSI SXGA+ DLP 4:3 Projector (No Lens) £15,237.50


PT-D7700 Projector Accessories
Part Number Description Price*
ET-LAD7700 Replacement lamp unit (single) £490.88
ET-LAD7700W Replacement lamp unit (set of two lamps) £822.46
ET-LAD7700L Replacement long-life lamp unit (single) £490.88
ET-LAD7700LW Replacement long-life lamp unit (set of two lamps) £822.46
ET-PKD75S Low ceiling mount bracket £490.88
ET-DFD75 Dual stacking mount bracket £2947.64
ET-HAD75 Carrying handle £241.90
ET-D75LE6 Zoom lens (0.9 –1.1:1) £7293.30
ET-D75LE1 Zoom lens (1.5–2.0:1) £3795.00
ET-D75LE2 Zoom lens (2.0–3.0:1) £2872.70
ET-D75LE3 Zoom lens (3.0–5.0:1) £2872.70
ET-D75LE4 Zoom lens (5.0–8.0:1) £3795.00
ET-D75LE8 Zoom lens (8.0 –15.0:1) £8858.45
ET-D75LE5 Fixed focal length lens (0.8:1) £5316.45
ET-MD77NT Network board £1230.00
ET-MD77DV DVI-D/network board £1310.98
ET-MD77SD1 SD-SDI/network board (480i, 576i) £1310.98
ET-MD77SD3 HD-SDI/SD-SDI/network board (480i, 576i, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1035/60i, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/25p, 1080/24p, 1080/24sF, 1080/30p) £3727.62
ET-RMRC2  Wireless mouse receiver £54.00

*Please note all prices shown are exclusive of VAT

3-Chip DLP™ Technology in a Sleek, Compact Body

A Light, Compact, 3-Chip Large-Venue DLP™ Projector - The PT-DW7000E series combines a 3-chip system based on DLP™ technology with a high-precision optical system developed using Panasonic's exclusive technology. Panasonic has dramatically reduced the cabinet size, creating a unit with only one-fifth the volume of conventional large-venue 3-chip DLP™ projectors. With a weight of 22.0 kg (48.5 pounds), the PT-DW7000E/E-K can go places other bulky 3-chip projectors with DLP™ technology have never gone before.

Superb Image Quality

Native 16:9 Panels - The PT-DW7000 is the world’s first 3-chip DLP™ installation projector with 16:9 wide aspect panels. Unique to Panasonic, these panels let the PT-DW7000E/E-K project wide-screen images without sacrificing the superior image quality provided by DLP™ technology. They also fit more information onto a PC screen.

Image Quality from 3-Chip DLP™ Technology - DLP™ technology delivers outstanding image resolution. In 3-chip systems with DLP™ technology— considered among the world’s most advanced projector engines—a DLP™ chip is allocated to each of the red, green, and blue signals. This gives systems with DLP™ technology superior light utilisation for high brightness, digital processing for low noise and linear white balance, extended device life for minimal image degradation, and a quick response that eliminates afterimages.

Powerful 6,000 Lumens - In addition to the 300-watt UHM™ lamp, the PT-DW7000E series incorporates digital and optical technologies that maximise the DLP™ technology advantages. They deliver 6,000 Lumens of brightness, offering superior colour reproducibility.

Astounding 4,000:1 Contrast Ratio with Dynamic Iris - Panasonic’s original Dynamic Iris achieves a dramatically improved contrast ratio of 4,000:1 in the PT-DW7000E series. Dynamic Iris constantly monitors the input signal, and adjusts the intensity of the light source to match it. This highly advanced function provides high-speed, linear response to changing images with 256-step precision. It also combines with dynamic gamma control to produce deep, rich blacks while preserving the brightness in the lighter portions of dark scenes.

16-Bit Colour Depth for Film-Like Natural Image - Applying 16-bit drive to each of the RGB panels produces 8 times the level of expression (a total of 24 times for all three RGB panels) of conventional 13-bit drive devices. This system creates extremely smooth tonal expression with approx. 65,000 shades of gradation.

Dynamic Sharpness Control - The Dynamic Sharpness Control circuit adjusts the video signal waveforms based on the difference in the brightness of adjacent pixels for a sharp, clear picture that is relatively unaffected by signal noise.

High Reliability and Easy Maintenance

Liquid-Cooling System - In systems with DLP™ technology, the microscopic mirrors of the DLP™ chip turn the light on and off. During the off period, light is directed away from the lens. Handling the heat from this light is a major point in maintaining the long-term performance of projectors with DLP™ technology. Panasonic’s newly developed liquidcooling system extends projector performance and attains a high level of reliability.Panasonic Projector Liquid cooling system for DSP chip

Dust-Resistant Optical Block - The dust-resistant design of the optical block helps ensure that 3-chip projectors with DLP™ technology will continue to deliver crisp, sharp, high-resolution images over an extended service life.

Dual Lamp System and Lamp Relay Function - The use of two lamp systems increases brightness and eliminates the need to interrupt a presentation if a lamp burns out (in dual lamp operation mode). In single lamp operation mode, the lamp relay function greatly extends continuous operating time.

Optional Long-Life Lamp - A long-life lamp that stretches lamp life to 4,000 hours is available as an option. In single lamp operation mode, the lamp relay function allows non-stop operation 24 hours a day for up to 47 weeks without replacing the lamps. The use of UHM™ lamps dramatically cuts operating costs.

PT-D7700E Projector Specifications
System DLP™ Projection system
Device 0.95" (diagonal) DLP™ chip (x 3), 4:3
Pixels 1,470,000 (1,400 x 1,050) x 3
Lamp 300 W UHM™ lamp x 2 (BriteOptic™ Dual Lamp System)
Brightness *1 7,000 lumens (dual lamp)
  3,500 lumens (single lamp)
Contrast ratio*1 4,000:1 (full white/full black, with dynamic iris set to “3”)
Resolution 1,400 x 1,050 pixels*2
Lens Optional
Screen size 70"– 600" diagonal
    70"– 300" diagonal, 4:3 aspect ratio with the ET-D75LE5
RGB input scanning
fH 15 –100 kHz, fV 24 –120 Hz, Dot clock 20–162 MHz
Component signal 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720/60p, 1035/60i, 1080/60i,1080/50i, 1080/25p, 1080/24p, 1080/24sF, 1080/30p
Video signal NTSC, PAL, SECAM, M-NTSC, PAL60, PAL-M, PAL-N
    S-Video In Mini DIN 4-pin
    RGB2 IN D-sub HD 15-pin
    Optional board slot
x 1
    RS-232C/422 IN
D-sub 9-pin female
    RS-232C/422 OUT
D-sub 9-pin male
    REMOTE 1 IN M3 jack
    REMOTE 1 OUT M3 jack
    REMOTE 2 IN D-sub 9-pin female (parallel)
Lens shift*3 Powered; horizontal ±30%*4, vertical ±50%*4
Keystone correction range ±40° with ET-D75LE2
    ±19° with ET-D75LE5
  ±28° with ET-D75LE6
Installation Front/rear, ceiling/floor (menu selection)
Power cord length 2.5 m (8.2´)
Power supply 220–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 800 W (800 VA) (15 W during standby mode with fan stopped)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 530 x 200 x 540 mm (20-7/8" x 7-7/8" x 21-9/32") (without lens and lens hood)
Weight*5 Approx. 22.0 kg/48.5 lbs (without lens)
Operating temperature 0°–40°C (32°–104°F)
   0°–35°C (32°–95°F) (dual lamp, lamp power: high)
Operating humidity 10% –80% (no condensation)
Supplied accessories Wireless/wired remote control unit
  Batteries for remote control unit
  Remote control cable
  Power cord

1: Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO 21118 international standards.
2: Input signals that exceed this resolution will be converted to 1,400 x 1050 pixels.
3: Shift range is limited during simultaneous horizontal and vertical shifting.
4: Vertical ±60% with the ET-D75LE6.
5: Average value. May differ depending on models.

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